Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greater Mekong Subregion:Preparing the Corridor Towns Development Project

The project preparatory TA is required to establish the basis for the proposed investments and capacity development activities. It is designed to facilitate the transformation of the GMS transport corridors into fully fledged economic corridors through priority infrastructure investments and capacity building support in selected corridor towns (including border towns).

The TA for the preparation of the GMS CTDP will require about 130 person-months of consulting services, consisting of 30 person-months of international services and 100 person-months of national services, with the following expertise: international: urban management specialist, finance and procurement specialist, social safeguards and resettlement specialist, environmental safeguards specialist, capacity development specialist; national: water and sanitation engineers, social preparation and community development specialists, town planners, flood control adn drainage engineers, institutional development and procurement specialist, financial analysts, environmental specialists, resettlement speicalist, solid waste specialits, geographic information specialists. Consulting firms will be engaged using quality- and cost-based selection method with a quality cost ratio of 80:20.

Geografy Location. 10 towns located along the EWEC and SEC include 5 border towns and 5 corridor towns. There are 4 towns from Cambodia, 3 from Lao PDR and 3 from Viet Nam


1. Strategic local economic development plans formulated.

2. Priority infrastructure investments in urban environmental infrastructure and economic infrastructure prepared.

3. Institutional capacity development plans prepared

For more information about Projects in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam see South-Eastern Asia Projects


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