Monday, January 2, 2012

Conference:Taxation and Economic Growth in Latin America

Brasilia, Brazil, March 5-6, 2012.Organized by the International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations, and Receita Federal de Brasil. This conference aims to bring together policy makers and tax administration officials in the countries of Latin America.Taxation plays a fundamental role in promoting economic growth from different perspectives. On the one hand, fiscal resources to finance the government policies to further boost economic development. On the other hand, the design of tax policy and administration create the incentive framework for the development of private sector activities. This conference will provide a space for dialogue and exchange of experiences in these areas between those responsible for policy design and tax administration in the region and international organizations. The event aims to identify lessons on what has or has not worked in this field, as well as discuss the challenges facing the region in the field of taxation, for example, in relation to financial sector taxation and natural resources.