Sunday, December 11, 2011

Promoting an Asia Pacific Wastewater Management Revolution

In accordance with the ADB's Water Policy, the TA will support development of wastewater investment projects through knowledge management, examination of technology options, incentives and financing mechanisms, and conduct of knowledge exchange and capacity development activities. The TA proposes to concretize the advocacy into potential business opportunities by undertaking limited pre-feasibility studies to establish financial sustainability and then conducting round tables amongst stakeholders (primarily public sector agencies and private investors) to confirm their interest to invest after full fledged feasibility studies (beyond scope of this proposal). Proven solutions that can be potentially applied to a local situation will be discussed at the roundtable as a sustainable business opportunity for wastewater management. The mutually accepted opportunities will then be further developed as a wastewater investment project with private participation by ADB with other partners.

Asian Development Bank.Project Number. 45119- 01