Sunday, December 11, 2011

Solomon Islands.Renewable Energy for Telecom Networks

Increased penetration of high-quality, affordable mobile telecom services provided in an efficient, sustainable, and socially responsible manner.  Mobile operators reduce reliance on diesel for power generation. 1. A solar and wind assessment for mobile base stations is undertaken. 2. Renewable energy and remote monitoring technologies are piloted. 3. Training in operation and maintenance (O&M) and best practice engineering for solar and wind technologies is provided. 4. Community power models are piloted. 5. A plan for upscaling and increasing access to renewable technologies is prepared. A consulting firm will be recruited to implement the CDTA. The CDTA will require an estimated 10.5 person-months of international consulting services and 5.5 person-months of local consulting services.

World Bank.Project Number 45926- 01.