Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Costa Rica: Equity and Efficiency of Education (World Bank)

The objectives of the Project are to: (a) reduce education quality gaps in Costa Rica primary and secondary education system in rural areas; and (b) improve the equity and efficiency in the allocation, administration and use of the Borrower#s education sector resources.

Implementation has continued improving over the last 6 months: Component 1 (school infrastructure in rural indigenous areas) is well underway. Contracts worth about $10 million to build 58 new schools (47 primary and 11 secondary) have been completed With respect to Component 2, three key consultancies are in progress with the objective of improving the management of equity programs, the management of administrative school councils and the organizational model of the equity programs unit. Component 3 has started implementation recently with several consultancies, mainly related with inter-cultural education.

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