Wednesday, January 4, 2012

US Hate Crime Statistics, 2010

The FBI’s 2010 Hate Crime Statistics report recorded 6,628 hate crimes, staying consistent with the numbers from the 2009 report. Traditional crimes become hate crimes when they are committed because of a person’s race, gender, religion or other targeted reason.

The 2010 report highlights the types of biases that motivate hate crimes, the nature of the offenses, information about the victims and offenders, as well as a break down of hate crimes by jurisdiction.

Some statistics from the report include:

Of the 6,628 hate crime incidents reported for 2010, nearly all (6,624) involved a single bias—47.3 percent of the single-bias incidents were motivated by race.

A reported 4,824 offenses were crimes against persons; intimidation accounted for 46.2 percent of these offenses; simple assault for 34.8 percent; and aggravated assault for 18.4 percent.

31.4 percent of reported hate crime incidents took place in or near homes.

The FBI considers the investigation of hate crimes their number one priority as part of their civil rights program. The report was compiled with the support of national and state criminal justice organizations and thousands of law enforcement agencies nationwide who report hate crimes.

US Hate Crime Statistics, 2010 x

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