Thursday, December 8, 2011

Poland.Post-Accession Rural Support Project

The PARSP has the following development objectives: (i) to increase social inclusion in rural underdeveloped gminas through enhancing the capacity of local governments to identify, plan, and execute social inclusion strategies through a Social Inclusion Fund (SIF); and, (ii) to support KRUS reform by improving the efficiency of the KRUS Agency through strengthening its administrative and analytic capacity and enabling better management of decision processes during its reform process. Medium-term objectives include: (a) quickly building rural gmina capacity in handling SIF-financed activities so that these rural gminas will be prepared to absorb similar social inclusion-focused programs which could become available under the 2007-2013 National Development Plan; and, (b) developing a targeted instrument (the SIF) for disadvantaged gminas to mitigate the potentially negative impact of future KRUS premia increases on rural families.

World Bank.Author:Owen,Daniel P.Document Date:  2011/12/04.Document Type:  Implementation Status and Results Report.Report Number:  ISR3195

Poland - Post-Accession Rural Support Project : P065270 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 10 x