Friday, December 9, 2011

Panamá.Rural and Indigenous Drinking water and Sanitation Program

The proposed operation targets water and sanitation interventions in rural communities and indigenous Comarcas considered among the poorest populations of the Republic of Panama with no or very limited access to water supply and sanitary connections. The operation seeks to reduce the coverage gap in water and sanitation services in these areas and expand water and sanitation services to low-income people. It also includes assistance and funding for the protection of water sources in order to guarantee the availability of water resources for the communities.

It is a multiple-works project and it will complement two loan operations that are currently being executed: IDAAN Water and Sanitation Investment Program
(PN-L1042) and CONADES Water and Sanitation Investment Program for the Provinces (PN-L1019), which reinforces the initiative with the Spanish Fund. The
program will also support the Ministry of Health to improve the public institutional framework of the sector, especially in strengthening its public policy
formulation and regulatory function. It will also create innovative mechanisms to adapt to local circumstances, in order to improve the allocations of funds and the service efficiency indicators, with clear accountability and performance measurement mechanisms to monitor and supervise the JAARs (community organizations in charge of operating the community water and sanitation system).

Finally, the program will provide essential assistance to the JAARs in order to improve their limited technical and financial capacity.