Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Niger.Increase Nutritional Status and Access to Food Complements for Children

In response to the request for financial assistance made on behalf of the Comitato Internazionale Per Lo Sviluppo Dei Popoli (“CISP" or “Recipient"), I am pleased to inform you that the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“IBRD") and the International Development Association (“IDA") (collectively the “World Bank"), acting as administrator of grant funds provided by Italy under the Trust Fund for Children and Youth in Africa (“CHYAO Africa") (“Donor"), proposes to extend to the Recipient, for the benefit of the Republic of Niger (“Member Country"), a grant in an amount not to exceed three hundred eighty thousand United States Dollars (U.S.$380,000) (“Grant") on the terms and conditions set forth or referred to in this letter agreement (“Agreement"), which includes the attached Annex, to assist in the financing of the project described in the Annex (“Project").

World Bank.Author:Bertaud,Helene.Document Date:2011/11/17.Document Type: Grant or Trust Fund Agreement