Tuesday, December 13, 2011

China.Gansu Qingyang Urban Infrastructure Improvement Project

Historically speaking, Qingyang is the cradle of Chinese agricultural civilization. There are abundant minerals in it and its surroundings, and great detected reserves of oil, gas and coal, which makes the nation and Gansu locate Qingyang as state strategic energy base and as energy and chemical industry base of Gansu.

The governments of Qingyang and Xifeng district confirm the development strategy that under the guidance of national energy industry tactics and Gansu's development strategy 'the center promoting its wings to flap', they try to shape the Xifeng district into an industrial city that privileges energy and chemistry industry. In order to reinforce this strategy of urban economy development, Qingyang decides to focus on improving, enhancing and expanding Xifeng's urban functions, providing supports for its accelerating further industrialization and urbanization.

According to the general city planning of Qingyang, Xifeng as the central district whose population is at present about 200,000will be expanded to hold 530,000 people. Negative impacts include: noise pollution; soil erosion; construction causes transportation and travel inconvenience; and the smell of sewage from sewage plant influences people's lives. Mitigation measures includes: 1) the new church is located in the new city zone of Qingyang. With the implementation of the planning, public transport could be realized and the traffic inconvenience thus be solved; 2) the execution unit should establish supervisory institutions and strictly follow the 'resettlement plan' to implement compensation and resettlement, and ensure that compensation is paid to the village and individuals; 3) at present the land for relocation has been planned for each village.

The heads should promptly inform the masses; and 4) the execution unit and the municipal planning bureau should determine the resettlement location and resettlement plan as soon as possible in order to accelerate removal.

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