Tuesday, December 13, 2011

China.Beijing Sustainable Urban Transport

The proposed TA is intended to support the BMG in finding suitable and sustainable solutions to its urban transport problems. In so doing, the TA will directly support the emerging urban transport priorities of the PRC s Twelfth Five-Year Plan, 2011 2015 and ADB s country partnership strategy. It is also aligned with the pillars of ADB s Strategy 2020, focusing on inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth. The TA addresses one of the focus areas of ADB s Sustainable Transport Initiative Operational Plan.

Three main types of strategy options will be examined: (i) TDM strategies including (a) past strategies such as restricting vehicle ownership and usage, and parking pricing; and (b) potential new strategies such as charging schemes including congestion pricing, fuel pricing, distance-based pricing, and fee and rebate schemes; (ii) infrastructure improvement strategies, based on a review of Beijing s transport infrastructure development plans and identification of strategy options with potential to contribute to a more sustainable balance between private vehicles, public transport, and nonmotorized transport, including metro development and bus priority lanes; and (iii) traffic operation improvement strategies, based on a study of the relationship between Beijing s road network structure and traffic congestion, and identification of promising improvement options such as on-ramp and off-ramp metering during peak hours.

Asian Development Bank.Project Number 45026- 01.