Tuesday, December 13, 2011

China Zhangjiakou Hohhot (ZhangHu) Railway Project.Indigenous Peoples Plan

The development objective of the Zhangjiakou Hohhot (ZhangHu) Railway Project for China is to respond to existing and anticipated transport demand along the Hohhot-Zhangjiakou corridor by providing increased capacity for freight and passengers, and faster travel time and increased frequency of services for passengers.

Some of the negative and mitigation measures include: a) the cultivated land requisitioned by the project has been contracted by each households which depend on the land to different extent, but the compensation policies have restricted flexibility in operation, the village collectivities cannot share the risk by adjusting the land again arbitrarily, thus increasing the living risk for the rural households mainly dependent on the land; and b) reduction of arable lands may make the peasants become more concerned on the maintenance and production of these lands.

The boundary of farmlands and irrigation water sources will become more sensitive issues among peasants and villages. If without proper treatment, it will directly influence the normal life of residents.

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