Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Armenia.Third Additional Financing for Social Investment Fund III Project

Approval Date N/A.Closing Date N/A.Total Project Cost** 14.61.Region Europe And Central Asia.Major Sector (Sector) (%) Education (General education sector)  (49%).Health and other social services (Other social services) (25%).Water, sanitation and flood protection (General water, sanitation and flood protection sector) (10%).Public Administration, Law, and Justice (Public administration- Other social services) (9%). Health and other social services (Health) (7%)  Themes (%) Decentralization (14%).Municipal finance (14%).Rural services and infrastructure (29%).Participation and civic engagement (14%). Municipal governance and institution building (29%).Environmental Category B Bank Team Lead Drabek, Ivan  Borrower/Recipient REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA.Implementing Agency ARMENIA SOCIAL INVESTMENT FUND

World Bank.Document Date: 2011/11/29.Document Type:  Project Information Document.Report Number: AB6876.Volume No: 1 of 1