Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Armenia.Health System Modernization Project

The overall objective of the HSRP Program remains unchanged: to improve the organization of the health care system in order to provide more accessible, quality and sustainable health care services to the population, in particular to the most vulnerable groups, and to better manage public health threats. This Project aims at: (i) scaling up family medicine based primary health care reform by expanding the renovation of primary health care facilities and upgrading  of the medical equipment in the remaining marzes; (ii) optimizing and upgrading hospital networks in the remaining marzes; (iii) strengthening Government's capacity to develop and monitor effective health sector policies in the area of health financing, resource allocation and provider payments.

World Bank.Author:  Hayrapetyan,Susanna.Document Date:  2011/12/03.Document Type:  Implementation Status and Results Report.Report Number:ISR4940

Results Report : Sequence 10c