Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Argentina.Urban Flood Prevention and Drainage

The project would help reduce vulnerability of Argentina to flooding, through a mix of physical, institutional and financial measures. It will be the second phase of an APL, planned over the next 7 years. While phase 1 of the program develops a risk management program for the City of Buenos Aires, phase 2 develops a risk management program for six provinces complying with the selection criteria, and undertakes preparation of the future operations.

The measures will aim at improving the security of economic assets and persons living in flood-prone areas by constructing defense facilities to reduce future losses due to floods, and by strengthening national and provincial institutions and systems for dealing with future floods.

These provinces (Chaco, Corrientes, Misiones, Santa Fe, Formosa and Entre Rios), are located along the two main rivers, the Paran? and Paraguay, constituting the Argentinean region most vulnerable to flooding. The provinces have started to develop a risk management strategy under the current Flood Protection Project (4117-AR), and they succeeded in achieving positive results in risk identification and mitigation. In addition, the provinces will build on the achievements and experience from the City of Buenos Aires in phase 1

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