Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bolivia:Institutional Strengthening for LATCO and its small producers.

LATCO is a private company specialized in the organic production and export of sesame seeds. This Operational Input seeks to facilitate the necessary tools to increase the productivity of LATCO's transformational processes, and help increase its presence in new markets. Additionally, it aims to promote growth and increase crop yields for small producers.
Project Number BO-T1140
Operation Number ATN/FG-12947-BO
Country: Bolivia
Sector:Agriculture and Rural Development
Subsector:Agricultural Credit
Project Type:Technical Cooperation
Project Subtype:CT/Fondo Trust Funds
Approval Date: OCT 11, 2011

Financial Information
Total Cost-Historic:USD 224,810
Country Counterpart Financing - Historic:USD 67,443.IDB Financing.
Financing Type:Non-Reimbursable Technical Cooperation
Fund:Spanish Framework General Fund
Reporting currency: EUR - Euro
Reporting Date:OCT 31, 2011

BO-T1140 : Institutional Strengthening for LATCO and its small producers.
Project Status: APP. Country: Bolivia. Project Number: BO-T1140. Approval date: Oct 11, 2011