Monday, April 2, 2012

World Bank. Costa Rica Higher Education - P123146

 The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve access and quality, to increase investments in innovation and scientific and technologic development, as well as to upgrade institutional management in Costa Rica’s public higher education system.

The Project will achieve its development objective through the implementation of the following two components. Component 1. Institutional Improvement Agreements (AMIs) (Total: US$236.3 million; Bank: US$200 million; Universities: US$36.3 million). The objective of this Component would be: (a) to help public universities increase access by investing in infrastructure for teaching, learning and research; (b) to increase the quality of higher education by, among others, upgrading faculty qualifications toward accreditation; (c) to increase relevance in higher education by focusing resources on key priority disciplines that are critical to respond to the challenge of increasing country competitiveness; and (d) to strengthen public universities’ management capacity and accountability, by enabling them to develop a culture: (i) of strategic long-term planning, including the formulation of an institutional mission, vision and strategy; and (ii) of measurement, target setting, accountability, monitoring and evaluation that could lead to further performance-based financing innovations.

Component 2. Strengthening institutional capacity for quality enhancement (Total: US$17 million; Bank: US$0 million; Government and CONARE: US$17 million). The objective of this Component would be to promote the development of strategic activities with a system-wide scope in order to support the objectives of Component 1. By strengthening some key elements of the overall higher education system in Costa Rica, this Component would play an important role in achieving the PDO.(1990) “Plato and Archytas in the Seventh Letter,” Phronesis 35.2: 159–74

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