Monday, January 2, 2012

South Asia Smart Grid Capacity Development Business Opportunities

ADB.PN.45124- 02. In facing the challenges of energy security and climate change, some developing member countries (DMCs) have taken the lead in promoting renewable energy. At the same time, expectations are raised for smart grid technology out of concern that unstable output of renewable energy will adversely affect the power systems which the power from renewable energy will be fed into. In this context, during the second meeting of the Asia Solar Energy Forum in Tokyo, Japan, in December 2010, several South Asia DMCs asked the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to provide capacity development technical assistance (TA) for developing the smart grid. The concept paper was approved on 20 May 2011 and further discussed during the Workshop for Solar Energy and Smart Grid in Jodhpur, India, in September 2011.

ADB will hire a consulting firm to conduct a feasibility study on smart grid development for transmission, distribution, and mini-grid systems. The consulting work will comprise about 15 person-months of international consulting and 22 person-months of national consulting to provide (i) technical support for identification of the necessary smart grid components for transmission (e.g., a renewable energy operation center), for distribution (e.g., HVDS and smart meter), and for the mini-grid (e.g., an integrated control system for a combination of photovoltaic and conventional thermal power; (ii) capacity development for implementing agencies to formulate technical specifications for smart grid components; and (iii) monitoring of and reporting on TA activities and output. The national consultants will work with the international consultants to provide information on local power systems

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