Friday, January 6, 2012

Nepal Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative Project

The development objective of the Adolescent Girls Employment Initiative Project is to increase employment and incomes of young women aged 16-24 years by strengthening an existing model for training and job placement in Nepal. The project includes the following components: (i) skills provision and job training (US$ 1,719,643); and (ii) institutional strengthening, monitoring and evaluation (US$ 150,974). 

The development objectives remain fully consistent with the World Bank's Interim Strategy Note (ISN) for Nepal. The project has been successful along several dimensions and is currently rated as satisfactory on both implementation progress and development objectives. Under component (skills provision and job training), progress includes completion of skills training to nearly 2500 beneficiaries over 2010 and 2011. Beneficiaries also have to appear for an independent skills test carried out by the National Skills Testing Board (NSTB) and nearly 90 percent of beneficiaries have successfully completed their skills test. Beneficiaries have also received optional additional packages on psychosocial training, awareness on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, links to prospective employers, business and enterprise skills training, and links to credit schemes. 

In 2012, the project aims to train 2007 young women across 36 trades. The extension is necessary to correct a mistake made during project preparation where there is a discrepancy in the closing date between the project paper and the grant agreement where the former identifies closing date as December 31, 2011, while the latter identifies the closing date as December 31, 2012. There is a clear plan for completion of all project activities.

World Bank. Document Date: 2011/12/28. Document Type: Project Paper.Report Number: 66210

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