Monday, December 12, 2011

South Sudan.Rural Roads Project

Project development objective: to enhance all season road connectivity to agricultural services for rural communities in high agricultural potential areas. The PDO will be achieved by: (a) improving access to high agricultural potential areas; (b) improving access to social and administrative services and economic opportunities for rural communities; and (c) enhancing the capacity of participating states, and relevant national government institutions to manage rural transport infrastructure.

Expected outcomes of the project, as a result of the road improvements and institutional capacity building, include: (a) improved mobility of the rural population by providing all-season access; (b) improved condition of the roads network in the project areas as a result of rehabilitation and maintenance of the project roads; (c) reduction in travel time; (d) having more agricultural production centers connected ; and (e) Project Beneficiaries (of which the percentage of female) having better access to market, social and economic services. The delivery of these outcomes is in principle achieving the core development objective of enhancing connectivity to agricultural, economic and social services for the target population and facilitating agricultural development

World Bank.Document Date:2011/10/12.Document Type:  Project Information Document.Report Number:AB6832.Volume No:  1 of 1