Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Liberia.Additional Financing Electricity System Enhancement Project

Approval Date N/A.Closing Date N/A.Total Project Cost** 23.45.Region Africa.Major Sector (Sector) (%) Energy and mining (Thermal Power Generation) (90%)Energy and mining (General energy sector) (10%).Themes (%) Urban services and housing for the poor (100%).Environmental Category B.Bank Team Lead Missfeldt-Ringius, Fanny Kathinka.Borrower/Recipient REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA.Implementing Agency LIBERIA ELECTRICITY CORPORATION LEC

World Bank.Document Date:2011/11/10.Document Type: Project Information Document.Report Number:AB6868.Volume No:1

Liberia.Additional Financing for the Liberia Electricity System Enhancement ProjectDocument Date: 2011/12/02.Document Type: Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet.Report Number:AC6597.Volume No: 1 of 1