Friday, December 16, 2011

Bolivia.Urban Infrastructure Project

The objective of the Urban Infrastructure Project is to improve the access to basic services to the urban poor in Bolivia (La Paz, El Alto and Santa Cuz) through targeted infrastructure investments and the provision of technical assistance to municipalities in the planning, expansion and sustainability of urban service delivery.

The project consists of three components: 1) urban upgrading in 16 poor neighborhoods in La Paz; 2) improvement of urban mobility in El Alto; and 3)  sanitation improvements in Santa Cruz. The Government of Bolivia (GoB) has requested an even distribution of the available funds for reallocation between components 1 and 2 of the project, to be executed by the Municipality of La Paz and the Municipality of El Alto respectively. This distribution of the funds entails a small risk that the additional allocation for component 2 might not be fully disbursed, given the short period left before the closing date of the credit. The municipal government of El Alto has confirmed they will make every effort to maximize the disbursements under their component.

World Bank.Document Date:  2011/11/16 Document Type:  Project Paper. Report Number:  64949