Friday, December 16, 2011

Argentina Norte Grande II Road Infrastructure Program

The Program is an investment loan that has as an objective to facilitate the integration of the various productive regions of the provinces of NOA y NEA (North-West Argentina and North-East Argentina) to the process of economic development, through the improvement of intra and inter-regional accessibility and connectivity conditions, and/or complimenting public as well as private investments and actions, to facilitate the economic growth and diversification process within the different nucleuses and circuits of economic activity of the regions.

The components include: i) Road infrastructure and duplication works to achieve a pre-established level of service according to the average traffic of the road, covering both national corridors and routes that conn ect reginoal production poles or important towns; ii) Actions to improve highway safety including horizontal and vertical demarcation and rearrangement of town crossings; iii) Routine maintenance of road segments to be improved by the program; iv) Institutional strengthening of the executing and co-executing agencies.